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Included unique benefits

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Prime's Comprehensive car insurance includes unique benefits only available at Prime

Cover for your car

  • SmallBenefitsIcon_AccidentWriteOff
    Accident and write-off cover
    You’re covered if you have an accident, or damage or write off your car.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_TheftHijack
    Theft and hijacking cover
    If your car is stolen or hijacked, you’re covered.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_FireDisaster
    Natural fire and disaster cover
    If your car is damaged or destroyed due to a naturally occurring fire or natural disaster, you’re covered.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_Glass
    Glass cover
    If your car’s glass or windscreen is accidently damaged, you’re covered.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_Hail
    Hail damage cover
    If your car is damaged as a result of hail fall, you’re covered.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_ThirdParty
    Third-party liability protection
    Enjoy up to R1 million liability cover if you accidentally damage another person’s car or property.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_RoadsideAssist
    24-hour roadside assist
    Rest easy knowing you’re never alone out there on the roads with our 24-Hour Roadside Assist.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_RetailCover
    100% retail value cover
    Feel good knowing that you’re insured right up to the full retail value of your car.

Prime Protect app benefits for you

  • SmallBenefitsIcon_AccidentalDeath
    Free Accidental Death Cover
    R10,000 paid to your loved ones if you pass away in a car accident while driving your insured car. Your family can use this money for anything they need. Pay off debt. Cover final expenses. It’s your choice!
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_PassengerProtect
    Passenger Protect (Private Medical Treatment)
    Private medical treatment for passengers injured in your vehicle! With Passenger Protect, any passengers injured whilst in your vehicle will be taken to the closest hospital to be stabilised. Once stabilised, Prime Passenger Protect will arrange their transport to a supported private medical facility for further treatment.
  • Icons Updated Blue_Gold RAF Assist
    Road Accident Fund Cover
    Get expert advice and assistance for injured drivers when claiming compensation from the Road Accident. Feel supported every step of the way as we help you to claim up to 100% payout for medical bills, lost earnings, funeral expenses and more.
  • Icons Updated Blue_Gold Exclusive fee reductions
    Exclusive Savings with Lower Excess Fees*
    Enjoy reduced excess fees simply by keeping your Prime Protect App installed and active on your phone. This means less out-of-pocket expenses for you when you need it most.
  • Icons Updated Blue_Gold 24-7 Always- on Accident Detection
    24/7 Always-on Accident Detection
    Have peace of mind knowing that Prime will be there for you even when you may not be able to call for help after a serious car accident. Prime Protect is your companion in safe travelling!
  • Icons Updated Blue_Gold 24-7 Emergency Assist
    Free 24/7 Emergency Assist
    Whatever the time, wherever you are, Prime is always there for you! Enjoy free 24/7 emergency roadside assistance benefits that keep you safe and get you moving again.

Optional extras

  • SmallBenefitsIcon_CarHire
    Car hire
    Car in for damage repairs? No problem. Get up to 30 days car hire to keep you moving!
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_CreditShortfall
    Credit shortfall protection
    Car stolen or written-off? Insurance paid out? Still owe the bank money? We’ve got you covered.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_AccidentalExtend
    Accidental death extender
    Inexpensively upgrade your included Accidental Death benefit up to R100,000.
  • SmallBenefitsIcon_TyreRim
    Tyre and rim cover
    Covers the cost of replacing or repairing your tyres and rims if they’re damaged by road hazards.

Unique Prime benefits included with Comprehensive

Unique Prime benefits included with Comprehensive

Premiums quoted are risk profile dependent and are valid for 24 hours only. Accepted premiums are fixed for 24 months provided you remain claim free. A reducing excess is available on the Comprehensive and Customised cover options only. Growing accident damage cover applies to the Third-Party PLUS and Customised cover options only. T&Cs, excess charges, exclusions and limitations apply to all products.

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Why Do You Need Comprehensive Car Insurance When Buying a New Car?

When financing a new car in South Africa through an automaker’s finance facility, it is compulsory for you to have comprehensive car insurance. Even though the car is registered in your name you still owe money to the finance institution that financed your car. Your car is technically only yours once you have paid it off.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is compulsory to have when you buy a new car that is being financed, but it is also a good option even if you have a fully paid-off car. But what does Comprehensive car insurance cover?

  • Damages to your own car if you were in an accident (remain mindful of the excess payment that needs to be made).
  • Full/partial damage done to another vehicle that was directly involved in an accident with you (Third Party cover).

When will you have to pay excess?

You will have to pay an excess to your insurer when you lodge an accident claim against your car’s insurance. The reason for payment of an excess amount to insurance companies is to maintain an affordable monthly premium on your policy.3

If you were not to pay an excess, which is an option, your monthly insurance premium would most likely be excessively high.

By charging excess, insurance companies incentivise customers to not claim for every small scratch, bump or chip on their car. Having to pay an excess is financially better for the customer in the long run. Make sure, when you take out your insurance policy, that you can pay the required excess. Remember, you can pay little to no excess, but then your insurance premium will be much higher every month.

Tips for Buying Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Shop around: Remember, when buying a new car, to factor into your budget the monthly car insurance premium. Work out a budget beforehand, so there are no nasty surprises. Get quotes from different insurance companies.4
  • Lower premiums: Lower premiums might mean the insurance company doesn’t cover everything if you have an accident. There is a reason you are paying lower premiums. Always remember to read the fine print.4
  • Excess: when looking for car insurance, find an insurer that can allow you to choose an excess that best suits your budget.4
  • Decreasing premiums: when your car’s value goes down, so can your insurance premium. Make sure to review your policy at least once a year – you could pay less on your car insurance and save money in the end.4

We recommend that you drive safely and obey the rules of the road whatever you decide to do regarding car insurance.

Client review

A happy PMD client, Thulani Madatshi, took the time to write the following review:

“Good day Hope this mail finds you well. I’d like to compliment Thato Malele for the great and efficient service she provided to me. She went the extra mile and was very patient and professional. I really don’t know when it was that I last received such great service. I am truly humbled, and I must say she’s a great representative for the company. Thato really strives for the best in providing exceptional customer experience. I am happy to be part of the PMD family. Thanks once again Thato for your service. You’re the best.”

The Potential Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Perhaps you are curious to know what the potential benefits are to having comprehensive car insurance. We will explore some of these possible benefits that South African motorists could enjoy.


Signing up for comprehensive car insurance is a significant decision to make. Every motorist should seek advice from a certified financial advisor before you buy car insurance. The content of this article is only for informational purposes and not as financial advice of any kind. *Feel free to read the terms and conditions of Comprehensive car insurance with Prime.

New cars

When financing a new vehicle in South Africa through a car manufacturer’s finance facility, it is compulsory for you to have comprehensive car insurance. Your new car will be registered in your name. Nevertheless, you still owe money to the financial institution that financed your vehicle. Your vehicle only actually belongs to you once you have paid it off in full.

Comprehensive car insurance is compulsory to have when you finance your new car purchase. Comprehensive cover may also be a good option even if you have a fully paid-off car.

Comprehensive cover benefit

Enjoy car insurance cover that offers write-off and accident cover. Natural fire damage, disaster damage, theft and hijacking cover is also included.

Third-party liability cover benefit

Third-party cover is useful to have as well, especially when it could cover as much as R1 million per incident.

Full retail value cover benefit

Full retail value cover could be favourable to have should you accidentally write off your car. This benefit refers to getting paid out for what your written-off car’s retail value was at the time of the relevant accident.

Roadside assistance and towing benefit

Sometimes cars breakdown as a result of a mechanical failure or accident. Twenty-four-hour roadside assistance and a towing benefit come in handy for those types of situations.

Hail damage cover benefit

South Africa is known to have severe hailstorms. A hail damage cover benefit will give you peace of mind should you get stuck in a hailstorm in your car.

Glass cover benefit

Roads often have small debris like stones that cars can kick up and damage the windscreen. A glass cover benefit is useful if your car’s window glass is accidentally damaged.

Comprehensive car insurance could include additional optional benefits, which might be considered.

Car rental reimbursement benefit

You may need to hire a car while your car’s accident damage is being repaired. Renting a car could be expensive. So being covered for car rental costs may be useful.

Credit shortfall benefit

It is an unfortunate situation if you accidentally write-off your car, especially if you still owe money on it. A credit shortfall benefit is helpful in this situation, which covers you for that outstanding amount that you owe on the written-off car.

Accidental Death benefit

Unfortunately, tragedies do happen sometimes. An accidental death cover is beneficial should a motorist pass away as a result of an accident. The accidental death benefit is designed to pay out the policyholder’s beneficiary an amount of money that is equal to the value of your insured car.

Additional vehicle drivers benefit

Sometimes other people drive our cars for various reasons. Perhaps you should consider adding additional people who are covered by your insurance to drive your vehicle.

Research your car insurance options from insurers

Do your research before you buy comprehensive car insurance. Carefully and objectively compare different insurers’ quotes. Also, be mindful of comparing what each car insurance company’s car insurance cover includes and excludes. Enjoy many safe, happy miles in your car, whichever car insurance you choose to buy.


Buying car insurance is a serious decision. Please seek advice from a certified financial advisor before you decide to purchase car insurance. This article is for informational purposes only and it does not necessarily refer to a particular car insurance product from any specific insurer. In South Africa, with the high occurrence rate of road accidents, theft and hijackings in certain areas, even if you have paid your car off, it would still be in your best interest to have comprehensive car insurance. A report from the SAPS revealed that 16,325 cars were hijacked and 50,663 vehicles were stolen between 2017 and 2018.2

According to the AA, between 65% and 70% of the 12 million cars registered in South Africa are not insured.1 This includes Third Party liability insurance. Therefore, if you were to be involved in an accident with one of these uninsured road users, you would most likely have to pay for your own car to be repaired or replaced.

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